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Sweet Garden Organics Seeds - Cherry Belle Radish

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  • Sweet Garden Organics Seeds - Cherry Belle Radish
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Cherry Belle Radishes are round, smooth, and have a beautiful vibrant scarlet color. Cut into a Cherry Belle and you'll find the flesh to be white, crisp, and firm, with a sweet and mild taste. They are a great source for vitamin C and ideal to toss in a salad or garnish with. Since they are small, easy to bunch and delicious, you'll likely see these gems at local farmer's markets. Radishes prefer cool and moist conditions for best growth. Their optimal growing temperature range is 50 to 65°F.

  • Seed Germination Temp: 45 – 85°F
  • Maturity: ≈21 days
  • Packet: ≈150 seeds per packet
  • Depth: ½" deep
  • Spacing: 2"-3" apart in rows, with 6"-9" between rows; for raised beds plant 3" on center.

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