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Predators & Parasites

Beneficial Insects for Pest Control in Gardens, Greenhouses & Farms

Beneficial insect attacking an aphid

Beneficial insects are commonly used as biological control for pest insects in an Integrated Pest Management program. An IPM program has four chief components: the use of traps to monitor and capture pest insects in their adult stage, management and cultural techniques to improve the growing conditions, the use of beneficial insects to kill pest insects in their early developmental stages and the use of insecticides if necessary.

For maximum effectiveness, beneficial insects should be released when pest densities are low. Keep in mind that beneficials are not pesticides and do not provide a miracle cure. Just as it takes time for pest problems to develop, it also takes time before beneficials can resolve them. Proactivity and patience pays off!

Correctly identifying the target pest(s) is important before choosing a predator or parasite for control. If you are finding identification difficult, please call us at 1-800-827-2847 or email Once pests are ID'd, you can select from the beneficials that work best to control that pest in your temperature and humidity ranges.

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