Suståne Spring Weed & Feed, 9-0-0

OMRI Listed. Prevent Weeds And Feed Your Lawn With This Organic Corn Gluten Meal.
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Suståne Spring Weed & Feed is an OMRI listed corn gluten meal (a by-product of processed corn) that works wonders in two different ways:

  • Suståne is a natural broadleaf pre-emergent that suppresses weeds.
  • Suståne provides a naturally, slow release high level of nitrogen to green up your established plants and turf.
It is an interesting fact that the same product that stops seed germination in weeds will not harm plants that are already rooted with true leaves.

Corn gluten acts as an herbicide by preventing seeds from establishing their roots during germination. By allowing sprouting, but preventing root developments pre-emergent herbicides like corn gluten kill a generation of weed seeds without ongoing treatment. Once germination stops, root development stops and the weed will cease to grow. Corn gluten works well on many different weeds and grasses and especially well on barnyard grass, Bermuda grass, crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, curly dock, dandelions, foxtail, lambsquarter, pigweed, plantains, purslane, redroot bigweed, smart weed.

The corn gluten meal in Suståne Spring Weed and Feed is rich in slow-release nitrogen. This nitrogen is an excellent fertilizer for established (rooted with true leaves) lawns and plants. It will promote richer turf color, thicker lawns and all-around healthier growth. Each additional application will supplement nitrogen in the soil to ensure continued green growth.

Suståne Spring Weed and Feed will not harm humans, pets and other animals, or the environment.

For orders of 5+ bags, please call us at 1-800-827-2847.


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