Stethorus punctillum - 100 count

Spider Mite Destroyer

Both the adult and larval stage of this predator consume hundreds of spider mites on cucumber and pepper plants. Compatible with predatory mites.
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  • Stethorus punctillum - 100 count
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Ships via Overnight methods on Wednesdays only. Order by Tuesday for shipment the following week. See Shipping Info or call us a 1-800-827-2847 for details.

Use these predatory mites with other spider mite predators to combat & control high spider mite populations.

Best option for high temperature, low humidity growing! Spider mite destroyers (Stethorus punctillum) are efficient locators of spider mite colonies in greenhouse, field crops, nurseries and indoor growing. Actually tiny ladybugs, S. punctillum eat more than 40 mites per day as adults and lay eggs near pest mite colonies. They will eat all stages of spider mites and find new infestation sites on their own by flying making them ideal for established mite populations.

Release S. punctillum once infestations are spotted or in environments where P. persimilis are not effective (high temperature/low humidity).

Optimal Conditions: 67-90°F, 30-90% RH. Known to survive temperatures over 100° in field crop applications.

Release Rates: Some crops, including tomatoes & other highly resinous crops, require higher release rates.

  • General Releases – Release at least 100 adults per "hot spot" or 10 adults per infested plant. Make weekly releases for 3-4 weeks.
  • Low Rate – Use the general rate above or release 1 beetle per 10 sq. ft. biweekly for three weeks.
  • Moderate Rate – Release 1-2 beetles per 10 sq. ft. weekly for 4 weeks.
  • High Rate – Release 200 adults per "hot spot" or 3-4 beetles per 10 sq. ft. weekly until established in all infested areas.
Life Cycle: Egg to adult takes about 18 days at 70°F with a total lifespan of around 9 weeks. Once hatched, larvae feed for 10-14 days until they are ready to pupate. As adults, S. punctillum are mobile predators with females feeding quickly to sustain egg-laying. If mites are not present, they can survive on aphids, nectar, pollen and other small arthropod eggs.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Brown Almond Mite (Bryobia rubrioculus), European Red Mite (Panonychus ulmi), Southern Red Mite (Oligonychus ilicis), Spider Mite (Mult), Spruce Red Mite (Oligonychus ununguis), Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae)

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