Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Tetranychus urticae

Two-Spotted Spider Mite Control Two-spotted spider mites are one of the most important species of spider mite. They are known to feed on more than 180 different plant species - both indoor and outdoor. They are a widely distributed pest of orchards, nursery plants, houseplants, garden plants, and crops.

Appearance & Damage

  • Two-spotted spider mites are tiny – about 1/60 inch in length.
  • Their color ranges from white to light red.
  • They feed on the underside of foliage with their sucking mouthparts and cause a speckled appearance, yellowing, bronzing, leaf loss, dehydration, and even death.
  • They are abundant in hot, dry climates, especially in times of drought.
  • Females can lay up to 200 eggs, and in extremely warm and dry conditions, the life cycle can be complete in 7 days.
It is common for this species of spider mite to produce protective webbing that is sometimes mistaken for a spider web. Two-spotted spider mites can be dispersed over a wide area by being carried on a balloon of their webbing by the wind. They thrive on plants that are under great stress.

See below for beneficial insects recommended specifically for the two-spotted spider mite. For other control products and more information other species of spider mites, please see our Mite Control page.

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