Snailer Snail & Slug Trap

  • Trap w/ 1 Month Supply of Bait
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  • 2 Traps + 4, 2-Month Baits
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  • $42.55
  • 5 Traps + 10, 2-Month Baits
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  • $99.00
  • 10 Traps + 20, 2-Month Baits
    SKU: 1272006
  • $190.00
  • 1, 2-Month Bait Refill
    SKU: 1272002
  • $7.75
  • Pack of 5, 2-Month Bait Refills
    SKU: 1272007
  • $36.25
  • Pack of 10, 2-Month Bait Refills
    SKU: 1272008
  • $67.50
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The special design elements of the Snailer will keep this trap working hard and effectively to keep your garden snail and slug-free through many seasons. It is also effective against earwigs and sow bugs. These garden pests find the barley-based bait in the Snailer irresistible and they are able to gain easy access to it inside the trap. This access, however, is through a unique one way door that does not allow the pest to exit. Without an escape, they will drown in the trap.

Snails and slugs thrive in the wet and shady areas of lawns and gardens and, for best results, your trap should be placed in or near these areas. Made of heavy duty plastic, this trap was designed to keep water and debris out and to keep dilution and evaporation of the bait to a minimum.

For maintenance purposes, use one trap per 400 square feet. For heavy infestations, use one per 10 square feet. The Snailer comes with a 30-day supply of bait, a measuring spoon and installation instructions. Safe around children and pets when used as directed. Made in the USA.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Slugs, Snails


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