OMRI Listed. Give Your Plants A Great Start In Life.
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Optimize Early Season Growth & Maintain High Yield Potential

SeedUP is a soluble powder microbial inoculant containing two plant growth promoting rhizomicroorganisms (PGPR), Bacilllus subtilis and Bacillus lichenformis. This OMRI listed combination of beneficial microorganisms, together with the added humic acid, has been formulated for specific use as a seed treatment. By treating the seeds themselves, you can provide your future seedlings with the very best environment to begin growing in. Just like human children, seedlings need a healthy and supportive environment to grow into strong and productive adults.

Coating seeds with this particular organic blend allows the beneficial microbes to get in the soil and begin colonizing the area around the seeds before they sprout. This creates a favorable environment for seed starting and provides additional advantages to the plants once sprouted:

  • It will enhance seed germination and rooting.
  • Vigorous germination and abundant, healthy roots promote the growth of strong seedlings.
  • A diverse microbial environment packed with easily available nutrients for robust growth.
  • Strong plants will grow to provide higher yields of top quality crops.
Suitable for most any crop seeds, this sustainable and non-hazardous powder is compatible with all types of chemical fertilizers but is not compatible with herbicides or pesticides.

Suggested Uses: Use as a seed inoculant to enhance germination and root development and to promote strong growth and high quality in plants from seedlings to adults.


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