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SaniDate® Hard Surface Sanitizer

A Great Alternative to Chlorine Bleach, Phenol and Ammonia Cleaners.
  • 32 oz, RTU
    SKU: 1222510
  • $9.00
  • 1 Gal, RTU
    SKU: 1222511
  • $27.95
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SaniDate Hard Surface Sanitizer contains an activated form of hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to chlorine for sanitizing hard, non-porous surfaces. It can be used to disinfect floors, kitchen surfaces and food preparation areas. In addition, this product is great for gardeners to have on hand. Use SaniDate Hard Surface Sanitizer to clean gardening tools, seed starting trays, buckets, potting containers and gardening gloves. Excellent for cleaning the interior surfaces of cold frames and greenhouses.


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