SaferGro® Biomin® Starter, 1-0-0

Complexed Micronutrients Make A Simple Solution For All Types Of Plants.
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SaferGro Biomin Starter contains a combination of thoughtfully chosen complexed micronutrients that will repair and prevent mineral and nutrition deficiencies in plants. This product is especially effective when plants are small and deficiencies are particularly damaging, but regular use will keep plants thriving through all growth stages.

Key Benefits:

  • Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants.
  • Designed to be applied in a variety of ways: watered in, foliar or soil applications, on turf or in hydroponics
  • Can be used on all plants, including (but not limited to) avocados, citrus, fruit trees, grapes, lawns, nut trees, ornamentals, house plants and all vegetables.
Suggested Uses: Use to prevent and correct mineral and nutrient deficiencies in plants.


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