Natural Wet®

OMRI Listed. You'll See Fast Results With This Yucca Product.
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The Yucca plant (Yucca schidigera) has adapted to thrive in harsh environments and it does so by producing saponins (sapogenin glycosides) that alleviate the stressors of heat, drought and inhospitable soil. OMRI listed Natural Wet employs these saponins as its active ingredient, which allows you to utilize these "secrets" of the Yucca plant.

Key Brenefits:

  • Aids in heat and drought stress resistance by facilitating nutrient uptake and water absorption and regulating water use.
  • Reduces surface tension on plants to allow for better absorption of water and sprays.
  • Allows foliar sprays to spread and stick to the plant better.
  • Loosens up compacted soil by eliminating clods, allowing for improved drainage, reduced salinity and better water absorption.
  • Provides uniform absorbency of water in potting mixes.
  • Compatible with most all products (test/check compatibility before using).
Natural Wet is an excellent choice for organic and conventional growers who are looking for a highly effective wetting agent to use without the risk of phytotoxicity. It is also perfect for hydroponic growers who are using hard-to-wet medias like coco coir. All in all, anyone who would like less stressed plants and higher yields will be happy with Natural Wet.

This organic and biodegradable product is also available in smaller sizes as SaferGro Natural Wet.

Suggested Uses: For use as a wetting agent, spreader/sticker, to loosen compacted soil, to stimulate plant growth and for all overall improved performance of foliar sprays and soil drenches.


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