Trichogramma platneri

Moth Egg Parasites

Use this moth egg parasite if you are west of the Rocky Mountains.
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Trichogramma platneri is a moth egg parasite native to the western parts of the United States. It is commonly used in orchards, in vineyards and on ornamentals for preventative control of various caterpillars and borers. When timed appropriately, Trichogramma releases can significantly reduce moth/caterpillar populations and limit pesticide use.

Biology & Life Cycle: Trichogramma wasps lay their eggs inside the pest eggs, stopping development. The larvae feed on the egg and emerge as adults. This development takes 10 days to develop within the pest moth egg, which turns brown or black as the larvae pupate. The adult wasps live anywhere from 7 to 14 days, depending on temperature and humidity. Female Trichogramma will parasitize up to 300 pest moth eggs in a lifetime. Eggs on cards usually hatch within 2-5 days.

Preferred Food: Trichogramma parasitize the eggs of more than 200 pests, including borers, webworms, loopers, leafworms, fruitworms, cutworms, bollworms, and armyworms (except beet armyworms).

Choose the correct variety for your region or crop type:

NOTE: Emergence holes are evident under significant magnification after Trichogramma have hatched.


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