Monterey Nematode Control - 1 Quart

OMRI Listed. Plant Parasitic Nematode Control Spray.
  • Monterey Nematode Control - 1 Quart
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OMRI listed, Monterey Nematode Control is certified for organic use to control plant parasitic nematodes. It comes as a concentrate ready to be mixed with water and sprayed as a soil drench. It is beneficial to irrigate the area being treated before application. Monterey Nematode Control's main ingredient, Saponins of Quillaja saponaria, controls plant parasitic nematodes by limiting their development past the egg stage. This gradually reduces pest nematodes densities in the soil and helps to prevent recurring issues season on season. Use early in the growing season or preventatively for best results.

For use around trees, apply from tree trunk to dripline to cover at least 50% of the soil area or the area under the canopy of the tree, whichever is greatest. Applications should be made in spring just prior to or during root flush and again in the fall after harvest. Avoid application during rain or when rain is forecasted.

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