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Monterey Dr. Iron® Granular 22% Iron

OMRI Listed. Easy to Use Granular Iron for all of Your Plants!
  • 21 lbs.
    SKU: 1555631
  • $19.89
  • 40 lbs.
    SKU: 1555632
  • $37.95
  • 1 case - 8/7 lb. bags
    SKU: 1555630
  • $90.00
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Correct Iron Deficiency With This Environmentally-Friendly, Controlled Release Soil Amendment & Acidifier!

Monterey Dr. Iron is a non-staining, OMRI listed granular fertilizer for use in organic gardening and lawn care. Formulated to fix iron deficiency and boost plant vigor, Dr. Iron will bring your plants and turf back to the vibrant green color you desire. The slow-release formula won't burn foliage, and reduces soil pH while boosting sulfur levels.


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