Monterey Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure - Pack of 2

Monitor and Trap Damaging Leafminer Species!
  • Monterey Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure - Pack of 2
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Monterey's Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure is an advanced trapping system intended for use on citrus and comes in packs of two traps. It will trap the adult moths that deposit eggs that develop into damaging larvae in your citrus leaves. They can be used throughout the growing season, although most users find the traps to be especially beneficial during summer and fall months when citrus is flushing.

Use at least 1 trap per 5 acres. When using to monitor insect population, use 1 trap per tree. Place traps in early spring approximately 1-2 weeks before bud break. Check trap every 2-3 days for moths.


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