HUMA GRO® Promax®

OMRI Listed. This Contact Killer Gets The Job Done In The Soil.
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Promax is an easy to use, yet powerful, fungicide and nematicide that works underground to kill and control plant parasitic nematodes and soil-borne disease. For use on all plants, this product is a fast-acting contact killer that will inhibit nematode activity and effect all types of fungal spores. In addition to the immediate results from the initial contact, Promax will stimulate the resistance mechanism in plants. This will keep the control going for days and weeks after that first dosage.

  • No buffer zones, restricted use or residue to worry about, just spray and go.
  • Compatible with most insecticides, herbicides, miticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.
  • Ideal for rotation programs and tank-mix strategies.
  • Can be applied throughout the growing cycle (REI: 0 days), up to and including the day of harvest (PHI: 0 days).
  • For best results, use preventatively.
By eliminating pests and pathogens in the soil, Promax will provide an improved soil environment. With this newly healthy soil, your plants can reach their highest potential; you will enjoy stronger plants and higher yields for years to come.

Suggested Uses: For use in the soil as preventive and curative agent for control of soil-borne diseases and plant parasitic nematodes.


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