Monterey Foli-Cal®, 2-0-0, Ca 10%

Monterey's Foli-Cal is a Quick and Easy Solution to Calcium Deficiency in Plants
  • Monterey Foli-Cal®, 2-0-0, Ca 10%
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Monterey Foli-Cal® is a liquid formulation of calcium designed to help prevent plant disorders caused by calcium deficiency.  By giving your plants the boost of calcium they need, you are giving them what they require to produce strong and healthy cells resistant to plant pathogens. It is recommended as a foliar spray and gives nutrients directly to the foliage and fruit during critical growth stages.  Foli-Cal is perfect for use on your apple trees, tomato plants – all plants that require added calcium. 

Calcium is also helpful in improving crop quality, increasing nutrient uptake, and dealing with heat stress.


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