Epps Biting Fly Trap®

Catch Pounds of Flies And Save Your Animals From Being Tormented With This Super-Efficient Trap.
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Biting flies can make horses, livestock and pets miserable. The Epps Biting Fly Trap provides quick and effective relief for your animals once set up. It was designed to use a fly's inherent impulses as a way to trap and kill them. Flies are instinctively drawn to any large, hard-to-miss objects that contrast with the environment around them (a dark object on a lighter background). To a fly, any object with these characteristics is a potential host (like horses or cattle). In other words, they do not differentiate between large animals and large boxes. Once they zero in on an object, they will tend to circle up and around it before landing. This is when they fall prey to the trap.

When fully assembled, this trap stands 5 ft. tall, 7 ft. long and 18 inches wide. It has a large, solid surface surrounded by transparent areas (clear plastic deflectors) that create an object of interest to the fly. As flies approach the trap and try to fly around it, they will hit the deflectors and bounce down into the soapy water in the trays below. Be sure to add dish soap to the water; it will make escape virtually impossible and the flies will die faster.

The Epps Biting Fly Trap can reduce the number of biting flies by as much as 80% and one trap will cover 20 acres.

Suggested Uses: Use to catch and kill horse flies, deer flies, bull flies, green heads, yellow heads, black flies and stable flies.

NOTE: This trap does not work on house, barn or face flies. To control these pests, we recommend using the Solar Fly Trap or Yellow Sticky Ribbons.


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