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Dustin Mizer w/ Extension/Deflector

Dustin Mizer assures even spreading of dry powders
  • Dustin Mizer w/ Extension/Deflector
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Use To Apply Diatomaceous Earth, Garden Dusts, Dry Fertilizers or Soil Amendments.

The Dustin-Mizer is a hand-held crank spreader/applicator designed for applying powdered garden dusts, fungicides, insecticides and fine granule fertilizers. It comes with a special deflector that helps apply an even coating of product to the surface of plants, lawns, or trees. The easy-to-use design makes treating the undersides of leaves and soil or growing media a breeze.

Dustin-Mizer is compact and easily portable. It is made of high-impact plastic, stainless steel and weather tough lining to prevent cracking or damage from cold weather. The hand crank provides the power of a 72 RPM blower without the noise or exhaust of an engine. A built-in metal screen sifts powders to 1/8" for smooth application and prevent clogging. The hopper holds up to one pound of fine powder. Just fill, aim and crank.

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