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Dustin Mizer w/ Extension/Deflector

Dustin Mizer assures even spreading of dry powders
  • Dustin Mizer w/ Extension/Deflector
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Use To Apply Diatomaceous Earth, Garden Dusts and Dry Powder Fertilizers or Soil Amendments.

The Dustin-Mizer is a hand-held crank spreader/applicator that is designed for applying fine powders such as diatomaceous earth, garden dusts and fungicides, soil amendments and even seeds that measure less than 1/8". It is designed with a special deflector that will quietly apply an even coating of dry powders to the surface of plants, lawns, or trees or provide even distribution of seeds for optimal coverage. The design allows for making applications to the undersides of leaves and to the soil or media your plants are growing in.

Dustin-Mizer is small enough to be easily portable and it is made of high-impact plastic with stainless steel internal parts.  The hand crank flows smoothly and provides the power of a 72 RPM blower without the noise or pollution of an engine. There is a built-in metal screen that sifts powders to 1/8" for smooth application. The hopper is easy to fill and holds up to one pound of fine powder. Just fill, aim and crank.

Dustin Mizer spreader

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