Bug Bam® - Mosquito Pet Tags - 2 Pack

This insect repelling tag protects your pet from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks for up to 100 hours
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  • Bug Bam® - Mosquito Pet Tags - 2 Pack
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Did you know that mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting heart-worm and can fatally infect your dog? Bug Bam® Pet Tags use the scent of essential oils (Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geranium oil) to repel flies, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects without the use of harmful chemicals found in some flea collars and topical applications.

Each tag is constructed of soft, flexible, FDA compliant material. Each tag lasts up to 15 days; so with 2 tags per pack each package provides coverage for 30 days. Just place on your dog's collar and the flies, fleas, mosquitoes and other pests won't bother your pets.

NOTE: Not recommended for cats as they tend to dislike the scent of Citronella Oil.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:
This product works as a mechanical control for the following: Fleas, Mosquitoes (Culiseta longiareolate), Ticks


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