Territorial Seeds - Black Beauty Summer Squash

This Organic Squash Can Grow To Great Lengths.
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  • Territorial Seeds - Black Beauty Summer Squash
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This plant will grow to about 3-4 feet and, although it is considered a bush plant, it has fast growing and strong vines that may need to be supported for optimum yield of what can be very large fruit. This squash will be a glossy green-black color and have supple yet firm white to pale yellow flesh. Some people report getting fruit as big as 20-30" that are still tender, but they are probably best when picked and eaten when 6-8" long. You can enjoy both the Black Beauty Summer Squash battered and fried for the classic appetizer. The delicate blossoms of this plant are also a special treat when prepared the same way. Or use them in soups, salads, lasagnas and breads. They also hold up well when frozen. Certified organic.

Soil Temp. for Germination: 65-85°F

Days to Maturity: 60


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