DTE™ Alfalfa Meal

OMRI Listed & CDFA Registered Organic Input Material. Plant Nutrition That Is Fresh From The Field.
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Restore Your Soil & Maximize Its Potential With Organic Alfalfa Meal!

Down to Earth's Alfalfa Meal is brimming with the nutrients that your plants need for brisk growth and dynamic development. This organic fertilizer can be used on vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees and is highly recommend for roses. The non-gmo alfalfa this meal comes from is sun-cured and then directly milled to retain as much of the plant nutrients as possible.

In addition to the three key macronutrients, alfalfa meal contains numerous vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Iron and Sulfur. The amino acid content also stimulates the plants and microbial life leading to accelerated breakdown of nutritional sources in the soil, freeing up more for your plants. Ideal for delicate plants and brewed teas, it avoids nitrogen burn that can accompany other high nitrogen fertilizer like blood meal.

Suggested Uses: Use as a soil amendment/fertilizer to boost plant growth and development. Can also be used in compost teas and composting to accelerate decomposition and increase microbial proliferation.


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