ON-Gard 5-0-0

OMRI Certified + 100% Plant Derived + 100% Water Soluble = 1 Great Fertilizer!
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ON-Gard 5-0-0 is an OMRI listed, plant-derived organic fertilizer and biostimulant that stimulates growth, improves drought tolerance and increases yields. Formulated for use on all plants, this cutting edge liquid fertilizer offers a blend of amino acids that trigger natural plant processes strengthening the plant cells, boosting plant development and increasing nutrient uptake. As a result of ON-Gard's plant-based origins it does not have any of the heavy metals, antibiotics and chlorides found in some fertilizers derived from animal sources. After application On-Gard is quickly and easily absorbed by leaves and roots to be carried throughout the plant. You should soon see improved yields and reduced nitrates among your fruit trees and faster rooting and more brilliantly colored foliage and blooms for your ornamentals.

Benefits of ON-Gard:

  • Supplies nitrogen via its amino acids.
  • Improves plant development and spurs sustained growth.
  • Encourages the rapid uptake of other nutrients.
  • Has a low Salinity Index, greatly reducing the risk of phytotoxic effects.
  • Can be applied as a spray, a dip or a root drench.
  • Heavy metal, chloride and antibiotic-free.


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