Nitron Thatch Away

Aids in thatch breakdown and control.
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Removing excessive lawn thatch can be a back-breaking and expensive proposition. Thatch-Away is a 100% organic liquid in concentrate form containing millions of beneficial organisms that promote your soil's ability to break down grass clippings and organic matter and convert them into valuable natural nutrients. It also contains the micro-nutrients iron, manganese and zinc.

Excessive thatch (over ½ inch thick) can develop if your soil is not rich enough in biological activity. Too much thatch can cause a host of problems. Even though a lawn is watered, drought problems appear because moisture cannot get to the root zone. Fungal attacks occur because insects and pathogens find a safe harbor there. Lawns suffer from Gray Leaf Spot or the many forms of Patch diseases when rains come because the thatch layer harbored those fungal spores. Lawn scalping occurs because the mower's wheels sink in and cut too short.

Thatch-Away can also be used when re-seeding your lawn. If you are re-seeding a flat area, simply water it in after you have your seeds in place. If you are re-seeding a slope, water-in Thatch-Away before you place the seeds, so as to avoid washing them away. Thatch-Away contains micro-nutrients that will aid in seed germination.

Apply twice a year. For severe thatch, apply three times the first year and twice a year thereafter.


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