Smart Mouse Trap - 1 per box

A No-Kill Mouse Trap That is Perfect for All Animal Lovers.
  • Smart Mouse Trap - 1 per box
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The Smart Mouse Trap is perfect for trapping those pesky mice. It senses when the mouse enters to retrieve the bait and snaps the door shut. The little critter will stay in the trap enjoying his treat until you come and release him in a safe place.

To use this easy "no kill" mousetrap simply place a "saltine" cracker in the bait holder, set the trap and check frequently (make sure you check daily or you may starve a trapped mouse). Take the trap with the live mouse still inside to a wooded or brushy area and open the door and set the mouse free. Escape is delayed until the mouse chews through the cracker. This delay avoids contact between the mouse and the trap user and gives the mouse a little snack to keep him nourished for a while.

The Smart Mouse Trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. You'll be thrilled with this quick and humane mouse control.

The trap is made of green see-through Kodar plastic & two stainless steel springs work the trap door and measures 3" x 7" x 2.5". This product includes 1 mouse trap with instructions and booklet about trapping smart mice and mouse-proofing your home.

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