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Scentry Lures - European Corn Borer

Ostrinia nubilalis

Pheromone Lures for Use in Trapping and Monitoring Pest Insects
  • Iowa Strain - 5 Lures
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  • $13.95
  • Iowa Strain - 10 Lures
    SKU: 1230072
  • $24.75
  • NY Strain - 5 Lures
    SKU: 1230023
  • $13.95
  • NY Strain - 10 Lures
    SKU: 1230073
  • $24.75
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European Corn Borers have been a nuisance pest since their introduction to North America. Two strains are widely distributed throughout the eastern and central parts of the continent - New York (Z) and Iowa (E).

Since they can have between one and four generations per year, it is important to keep pheromone lures in place throughout the growing season. Doing so allows growers to set accurate thresholds as well as monitor flight time, peak activity and population levels. Once a threshold is set, growers can select the best control measure for their purposes. Common European Corn Borer controls include Btk sprays, spinosad applications and Trichogramma releases (moth egg parasites).

Please contact your local agricultural extension to determine which strains of European Corn Borer are present in your area prior to ordering lures. Pheromone lures are species specific and mimic bug hormones or scents that are normally given off by insects to attract the opposite sex for mating. When used with traps they lure the insects into the trap, preventing them from mating and capturing them on the sticky substance or enclosed part of the trap.

This lure should be used with Scentry Wing Trap. Please call for volume pricing and delivery.


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