NemaSeek™ - Sk Beneficial Nematodes

Steinernema kraussei

Beneficial Nematodes for Cooler Weather Applications
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  • 10 Million
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  • 50 Million
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Best Choice For Weevil Control In Cool Climates!

This species of beneficial nematode, Steinernema kraussei, is unique for a couple of reasons but most importantly because they are effective at lower temperatures than most other beneficial nematodes. They are effective between 41° and 86° F and continue to parasitize pests at temperatures as low as 37° F. Note that above about 86° F, they begin to lose efficacy.

Use S. kraussei to Control:

  • Weevil larvae, especially Vine weevil larvae (Otiorhynchus sulcatus).
  • Filbertworm (Cydia latiferreana)
  • Sawfly weevils
  • Other soil dwelling pest insects (Univ of Hertfordshire).
They are a mobile nematode with behavior similar to Heterorhabditis bacteriaphora. Steinernema kraussei nematodes reduce the population of black vine weevil by infecting and killing immature stages that cause damage to both greenhouses and nursery plants. They use the bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophilus to infect their prey.

Shelf Life: Up to 2 weeks (refrigerated and unopened in original container.

How Much Do I Need? Order enough to treat the full infested area. Quantities and treatment areas are approximate.

Quantity Treatment Area Shipping Method
5 million ≈100 sq. ft. 2nd Day
10 million ≈200 sq. ft. 2nd Day
50 million ≈1,000 sq. ft. 2nd Day
250 million ≈5,000 sq. ft. Next Day
500 million ≈10,000 sq. ft. Next Day

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Various species of vine weevil larvae including Black Vine Weevil, Sawfly Weevils and Filbertworm


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