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  • Sf Nematodes 1/2 Garden Size, 8 oz. Mosquito Bits, 10 Pack Yellow Sticky Traps
    SKU: 3003200
  • $54.95 $43.96
  • Sf Nematodes Garden Size, 30 oz. Mosquito Bits, 25 Pack Yellow Sticky Traps
    SKU: 3003300
  • $79.50 $63.60
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It is important to attack multiple life stages of pest populations in a successful Integrated Pest Management program. Our Fungus Gnat Control Bundle provides what you need to trap, monitor, and control fungus gnat populations without using chemical sprays. All of the products contained in the bundle can be used throughout the growing season and into flower. Each bundle includes:

Suggested Uses: Control, monitor, and trap various life stages of fungus gnats indoors and outdoors.


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