Fulzyme™ SP

OMRI Listed. Balance Your Soil Microbiology And Get Higher Yields.
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When your soil biology is out of whack, plants will fail to thrive and disease pathogens are more likely to gain a foothold. Organic Fulzyme SP, produced with a unique fermentation process, contains billions of beneficial bacteria and selected amino acids that can bring your soil back to a healthy environment that plants will prosper in. Due to its multiple biological activities, adding Fulzyme SP to your soil can:

  • Unlock and solubize phosphorous, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other elements in the soil, making them readily available to the roots.
  • Produce antibiotic and metabolic soil substances that will fight pathogens.
  • Aid in efficient decomposition of organic matter, which gets all the nutrients therein out to the plants.
  • Displace pathogens in the soil by aggressively competing for nutrients and by literally crowding them out of growing space.
Fulzyme SP is conveniently formulated to be used in a variety of ways: foliar and soil applications; as a dip for transplants, cutting and bulbs or in potting soil. No matter which form you choose to use, with all that this product has to offer you will see a noticeable increase in volume and weight of products as your plants reach their highest potential.

Suggested Uses: To be used to improve soil fertility, promote plant growth and suppress soil pathogens.


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