Backyard Mosquito Control Bundle

Control & Repel Mosquitoes Through The Season With This Mosquito Control Kit!
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  • Backyard Mosquito Control Bundle
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Our Backyard Mosquito Control Bundle include everything a backyard enthusiast should need to stay mosquito free – personal repellents, a larvicide and a repellent spray. When used together, you will get an effective mosquito barrier in your backyard that prevents adult mosquitos from flying in and stops mosquito larvae from developing in backyard breeding sites.

What's In The Bundle:

This bundle is DEET and pyrethrin free to limit impacts on the environment and any beneficial insects in your backyard area. Continue maintaining backyard areas with proper cleanup of debris, lawn/ grass care and pruning vegetation that may harbor mosquitoes. More mosquito control options can be found here.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Mosquitoes


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