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Dead-Inn™ Stink Bug Trap

This Patented Pheromone Lure and Trap Is Effective Against Multiple Species of Invasive Stink Bugs
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This destructive and smelly pest is originally from East Asia but made its way to the United States by the late 1990's. Since then, many species of this insect have found homes in at least 50 states in the union and have caused widespread damage wherever they go. When it feeds, the stink bug will pierce the host plant with its proboscis in order to get to the delicate internal tissues of the plant. This type of feeding behavior can result in scarring or necrotic tissue on fruits as well seed loss and leaf stippling. Additionally, any plant pathogens present can be quickly and easily be spread from plant to plant by the insect as it grazes.

Stink bugs are seen as a major agricultural pest in fruit and vegetable crops in fields and orchards. Beginning in early summer, when they come out of hibernation and are hungry, adult stink bugs will begin to feed enthusiastically on a wide variety of crops, including raspberries, apples, green beans, peaches, soybeans, cherries and pears. Stink bugs have also become a serious problem among cotton crops in the American Southwest.

When the weather starts to cool, stink bugs look for a warm place to overwinter. Houses and other structures are their preferred shelters and they can gain access via the smallest openings. Once inside, they will hibernate until the spring. Please note: This trap is not intended for use against this stage in the stink bug life cycle and will not work inside.

The Dead-Inn Stink Bug Trap was designed to be a powerful visual attractant for stink bugs as they forage for food. Working in tandem with the patented color and shape of the trap itself, is a potent and pesticide-free, broad spectrum pheromone lure. Once placed inside the trap, the lure will continue working for up to 7 weeks. During this life span of the lure, you can expect to catch hundreds of stink bugs. Once it's lost its efficacy, it can easily be replaced with a new one. This lure will attract Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys), the Green Stink Bug (Acrosternum hilare), and the Native Brown Stink Bug (specifically, Euschistus servus, E. conspersus, E. heros, E. obscurus and E. tristigmus). NOTE: Other species are not affected by this lure.

This will be 17" tall x 6¼" at the base once it is assembled and can be used around children, pets and water .


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