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Caterpillars are the larvae of moths or butterflies, members of the Lepidoptera order of insects. There are over 110,000 identified species. Some are called loopers or have worm in their names; most have their first name as the host plant or what structure they build (i.e. cabbage loopers, tomato hornworm and tent caterpillars). Perhaps the most devastating pest of garden crops, their cutting mouthparts devour many times their weight as they outgrow their bodies, molting five or six times before they pupate.

Monitor for Adult Moths: Use specific pheromone lures and traps; for instance, Codling Moth Trap, Gypsy Moth Trap or Beet Armyworm lure and trap. This will allow you to know you will have a problem with eggs and caterpillars shortly.

Caterpillar Egg Control: Release Beneficial Insects into your growing area early in the season to reduce caterpillar numbers. The following insects may be useful depending on your growing conditions - Green Lacewing, Trichogramma Moth Egg Parasites and Ladybugs. Spray Horticultural Oils to smother eggs when conditions permit and remove detritus/fallen leaf matter from when present. This is especially important in between growing seasons.

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