Canker Worm Control

Paleacrita vernata, the Spring Cankerworm & Alsophila pometaria, the Fall Canker Worms

Cankerworm is a term for what are commonly called inchworms, loopers, measuring worms or spanworms – any of the caterpillars that move with a distinct looping motion.

Both fall and spring cankerworms feed on a wide variety of trees including apple, ash, beech, elm, hickory, linden, maples and oaks.

Control by trapping the wingless females or spraying plants while the larvae are active with Bacillus thurengiensis kurstakior Spinosad.

See below for control products. For more information please see our Caterpillars and Moths Control page.

Photo courtesy of USDA Forest Service - Northeastern Area Archives, USDA Forest Service,

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