Beneficial Nematodes

Broad Spectrum Pest Control Starting At $36! Use Beneficial Nematodes to Control Grubs, Fungus Gnats, Fleas and Over 200 Other Soil Developing Pests!

Beneficial Nematodes Control Soil Dwelling Pests ARBICO's Beneficial Nematodes are live microscopic organisms (non-segmented round worms) that occur naturally in soils throughout the world. They parasitize insect pests that have larval or pupal stages of life in the soil; however, they have been known to parasitize above ground stages of adults, nymphs and larvae.

Beneficial nematodes attacking grub Beneficial Nematodes can be used in backyards, flower and vegetable gardens, lawns, fruit and nut orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, row crops, pastures and more. Use the beneficial nematode selection chart to choose the correct species of nematode for control of the pests you are dealing with. Application instructions, effective temperature ranges, storage information and more can be found in the Beneficial Nematode FAQs.

ARBICO Organics' line of Beneficial Nematodes PRO are certified for use in organic production. They are OMRI listed and delivered in a non-synthetic wettable powder designed for use by both residential and commercial users.

Nematode Variety
Use to Control
Heterorhabditis bacteriophora
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Stationary Pests: Corn Rootworm, Cucumber Beetles, Flea Beetles, Grubs, Queen Ants, Root Aphids, Ticks, Weevils and more. Great for field applications, pastures and orchards.
Steinernema carpocapsae
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Mobile Pests: Armyworms, Caterpillars, Codling Moth Pupae, Cutworms, Flea Larvae, Fly Larvae, Iris Borers, Mole Crickets, Peach Tree Borers, Pine Weevils, Sod Webworms, Worker/Soldier Ants, and more.
Steinernema feltiae
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Mobile Pests: Armyworms, Cabbage Maggots, Crane Flies, Flea Beetles, Fungus Gnats, Leafminers, Onion Maggots, Raspberry Crown Borer, Root Maggots, Sawflies, Thrips, and more.
Steinernema riobrave
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Mobile & Stationary Pests: Armyworms, Black Cutworms, Black Vine Weevil, Citrus Root Weevil, Corn Earworm, Greater Wax Moth, Indian Meal Moth, Japanese beetles, Pink Bollworm, Plum Curculio, Small Hive Beetle, Strawberry Weevil, Subterranean Termites and more.
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Heterorhabditis indica
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Target Pests: Fall Armyworms (Spodoptera frugiperda), Fungus Gnats, Indianmeal Moth (Plodia interpunctella), Root Weevil (Diaprepes abbreviates), Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida), Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis).
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