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Sap Beetles

Sap Beetle Control

Sap Beetle

There are more than 180 different species of Sap beetles from the family of Nitidulidae. They feed on the sap of damaged fruits and vegetables and fermenting plant fluids of decaying fruits and vegetables. Sap Beetles are a common pest on raspberries, strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. They are very small, around ¼ to ⅛" long.

Sap beetles are scavengers and do not normally attack healthy fruits and vegetables. They are attracted to a garden by fermenting, overripe produce, and may also infest undamaged, developing fruits and vegetables, particularly berries or corn. Keeping a clean garden and harvesting when fruits and vegetables are ripe but not over-ripe will go a long way to controlling these pests.

Control products are shown below. For more information about beetles, please see our Pest Beetle Control page.

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