Beneficial Organisms

Utilize the beneficial microorganisms found in nature!

Arbico Organics is happy to provide you with products containing beneficial organisms for natural insect and pest control to help minimize your footprint on the ecosystem. Examples of these bio-rational controls include:

  • Nolo Bait (Nosema locustae) for control of grasshoppers .
  • Mosquito Bits and Dunks (Bacillus thurengiensis israelensis) for control of mosquito and fungus gnat larvae.
  • Botanigard 22WP (Beauveria bassiana) for control of many damaging soft-bodied insects.
  • Milky Spore (Bacillus popilliae) for control of Japanese Beetles.
Beneficial microorganisms can come from any of the microscopic groups of organisms, many of which are vital to sustained soil health. For instance, types of fungi and bacteria benefit your soil and plants by decomposing organic matter releasing nutrients for absorption and helping improve the tilth of the soil. Beneficial organisms can be bacteria, fungi, protozoans, or nematodes.

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