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Ultimate Composting Kit

Ultimate Composting Kit

Perfect kit to get you or a friend started. Discover the rewards of composting.
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Ultimate Composting Kit

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If you know someone who has wanted to try composting, but just hasn't had time to get it together, this is the perfect gift!

To get started indoors, this composting starter kit comes with a handy Compost Carrier bucket with filter to use in your kitchen to collect scraps. The compost carrier can be placed on the counter or hung on a cupboard door and includes extra charcoal filters.

For Outdoor Composting, this composting starter kit includes:

  • 1 lb of Arbico Organics™ Compost to get your composting off to a great start.
  • Bonide® Compost Maker to help convert your scraps into garden gold.
  • ReoTemp® Backyard Compost Thermometer to help you optimize composting temperatures.
  • Kitchen Compost Carrier to contain your kitchen scraps until you can get them into your compost area.

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