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Soil Test Kits

What's missing from your soil? Find out with our affordable soil test kits. Creating the correct balance is critical to success.

Why should I test my soil?
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N, P & K) are the essential nutritional building blocks for all plants. In order to optimize your plants health there needs to be a balance of these minerals in your soil.

When should I test?
While periodic testing throughout the growing season is recommended, it is crucial to test your soil before planting in Spring and when preparing beds in Fall.

About N-P-K and pH
N – Nitrogen Nitrogen is responsible for producing leaf growth and green leaves. Too little and leaves turn yellow and the plant's growth is stunted. Too much and you'll have lots of foliage but delayed flowering and poor quality fruit.
P – Phosphorus Phosphorus is a major player in plant genetics and seed development. It also aids in plant maturity and disease resistance while increasing fruit development and seed yield.
K – Potassium Potassium (Potash) strengthens the plant as it aids in early growth, stem strength and improves the color and flavor of fruit. Not enough potassium will result in plants that are stunted and have poorly developed root systems.
pH This is a balance of acidity and alkalinity in the soil that affects how well your plants absorb the available nutrients. All plants have a preference for a certain pH level. Knowing what the pH level is for your soil can make it easier to determine what plants will thrive and provide a guideline for adjusting the pH level to accommodate specific plants.
Measureing Soil pH

Great fro Hydroponic Growers

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Rapitest Soil Test Kit
Before planting, learn what your soil needs to make your garden and plants thrive.

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LaMotte Garden Guide Soil Test Kit
Economical and educational soil testing kit combines pH and NPK tests.

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Luster Leaf® Rapiclip Soft Wire Tie - Heavy Duty 857
This soft and flexible heavy duty support for plants holds its shape and can be re-used.

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Luster Leaf® Rapiclip Soft Wire Ties Light Duty 839
Help Support your Delicate Plants & Flowers with This Soft Wire Tie!

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Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Soil Thermometer 1618
Monitor soil temperatures for optimal gardening success.

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Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital 3-way Analyzer 1835
Learn about the fertility, pH and temperature of your soil or growing media with this easy-to-use digital analyzer.

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Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital Soil pH Meter 1845
Use your soil pH readings to help grow healthier plants

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Soil Analysis
Growing healthy plants begins with understanding the nature of your soil.

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Weed & Disease Kit
We've assembled this kit to provide you with our best selection of products to control weeds & plant diseases while saving you money!

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