Mite Control

Control mites in greenhouses, fruit tree orchards and vegetable gardens with ARBICO Organic's beneficial insects and natural mite control products.

Mites are tiny, sometimes microscopic, creatures that can be found worldwide. They are not insects; they belong to the arachnid family. Though there are many different species of mites, there are two general types of mites: those requiring a plant host or those requiring an animal host.

Plant host mites can be serious pests on fruits and vegetables and include spider mites and gall mites. Animal host mites can have painful bites, one common example found in the garden is chiggers. A common example from the house are dust mites.

The beneficial insects and natural insecticides listed below will help eliminate mite infestations on your plants. If you have specific concerns for your crop, please call us for a free consultation at 1-800-827-2847.

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