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4-Step Fly Control Program

Natural Fly Control Products & Fly Eliminator Program
Fly control for horses - biological Fly Eliminators Follow ARBICO Organics 4 Step Integrated Fly Control Program for a Fly Free Summer.

Our Integrated Fly Control Program combines the following fly control measures:


Biological Fly Control Program: Fly Eliminators
What are Fly Eliminators?

Fly Eliminator emerging from fly pupae• Gnat-sized parasitic wasps that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of manure breeding flies.

• Fly Eliminators, are used by horse and livestock owners to eliminate flies BEFORE they hatch into annoying, disease-carrying adults.

• Fly Eliminators only parasitize fly pupae and are not a bother to horses, cattle, livestock, pets or plants.

How Do Fly Eliminators Work?

At Night – Fly Eliminators attack flies in their pupal (cocoon) stage, while developing in the ground.

As a Parasite – ARBICO’s Fly Eliminators seek out their prey and destroy by feeding on and breeding within the contents of fly pupae.

Using Scheduled Releases – We recommend releasing a shipment of Fly Eliminators every 3-4 weeks under a fly control program that lasts throughout the duration of the fly season.

Order Fly Eliminators Now!

Fly Eliminator VideoWatch Our Video – See how Fly Eliminators are used to control flies around your horse property.

Fly Eliminators are Parasites

"I am delighted with Fly Eliminators and the service I get from Arbico. They get my highest recommendation. I have been around horses for years and this is one thing that really has an impact and it's non-toxic, economical and environmentally friendly too!"
   Leah • Jul 22, 2010

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Manure Management
Reduce and Eliminate Fly Breeding Areas With EM-1 Beneficial Microorganisms

The first step to effective fly control is manure management. Removing manure from stalls and surrounding areas on a regular basis will help eliminate flies. Composting waste, repairing leaking water and keeping food storage dry will also help eliminate pesky flies! For enhanced manure management use EM-1 Microbial Inoculant.

EM-1™ consists of naturally occurring microorganisms that work together to decompose organic matter in soils, manure and compost.

Maggot Control
With NemaAttack - Beneficial Nematodes

Controls Fly Larvae, Ants, Grubs, Cockroaches, Gnats, Caterpillars, Termites, & Fleas!

ARBICO's NemaAttack™ Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented worms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. Once released, the nematodes attack fly maggots and other subterranean pests, enter through body openings and emit a toxin that kills pests within 48 hours. Beneficial Nematodes are shipped in an easily dissolved clay formulation that is mixed with water. The solution can be applied to "hot spot" areas, compost and manure piles, and favorite territorial manuring and urinating sites using a watering can, hose end, backpack or pump sprayer or through irrigation or misting systems.

Adult Fly Control
Control your adult fly population with these proven products.

Solar Fly Trap
This long-lasting aluminum trap works like a powerful magnet that captures adult pest flies within a 200 ft. radius. With proper maintenance can be used for many seasons. Comes with 1 packet of bait, which is enough for approximately 5 weeks. Our #1 Selling Fly Trap!

Insect-A-Peel System
Kills Flies, Mosquitoes and Most Garden Pests! Use in barn areas, fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Exposes 300 sq. inches of sticky trapping surface that captures up to 25,000 pest insects every 3-7 days. Effective in a 2,500 sq.ft. area and lasts 20-25 weeks when advanced once weekly.

Holistic Fly Defense
A safe and effective insect repellent for horses, livestock and pets. Holistic Fly Defense is a long lasting herbal blend of nature's finest botanicals that repel insects. This non-staining formula will leave no oily residue. It may be used on animals inside the barn, in stall areas or outdoors.

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