4-Step Fly Control Program

STEP 1: Biological Fly Control Program

What are Fly Eliminators?

  • Gnat-sized parasitic wasps that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of manure breeding flies.
  • Fly Eliminators, are used by horse and livestock owners to eliminate flies before they hatch into annoying, disease-carrying adults.
  • Fly Eliminators only parasitize fly pupae and are not a bother to horses, cattle, livestock, pets or plants.
  • Watch our short video showing How To Use Fly Eliminators Around Your Property.

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STEP 2: Manure Management

By removing manure and treating heavily urinated areas in both stalls and surrounding areas you will begin to eliminate the top breeding habitats for flies.

  • EM-1 is a microbial inoculant spray that can be used to reduce and eliminate fly breeding areas.
  • In addition to EM-1, SCD Barn Kleaner and SCD Odor Away can begin to break down the odors and substances that attract adult flies.
  • Composting waste, repairing leaking water and keeping food storage dry will also help get rid of pesky flies.

STEP 3: Maggot Control

Use Beneficial Nematodes near manure/urination areas and other "hot spot" breeding areas to control maggot populations.

  • NemaAttack - Beneficial Nematodes, Sc
    • Beneficial Nematodes occur naturally in the soil throughout the world and parasitize a wide variety of common pest insects. Once applied, the nematodes attack fly maggots and other subterranean pests, enter through body openings and emit a toxin that kills pests within 48 hours. 2nd Day Air shipping is now included with the nematode orders.

STEP 4: Adult Fly Control

We recommend both trapping and spraying your animals for a complete, effective control measure against adult flies.

  • Solar Fly Trap: Our #1 Selling Fly Trap
    • This long-lasting aluminum trap works by attracting and trapping adult pest flies with a potent bait mixture. Each trap comes with 1 packet of bait, enough for approximately 5 weeks, but we have recently added multi-trap bundles for larger areas. Simply rinse the trap out and add more bait to use it from season to season.
  • Insect-A-Peel System
    • Use in barn areas, fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Exposes 300 square inches of yellow sticky trapping surface designed to attract pest insects of all kinds. Effective in a 2,500 square foot area and lasts 20-25 weeks when advanced once weekly.
  • ARBICO Organics™ Holistic Fly Defense
    • A safe and effective insect repellent for horses, livestock and pets. Holistic Fly Defense is a long lasting herbal blend of nature's finest botanicals that repel insects. This non-staining formula leaves no oily residue and may be used on animals inside the barn, in stall areas, or outdoors.

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