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Plant Diseases & Solutions

Products for Disease Control — Crops, Gardens & Plants:
Natural Fungicides
The following materials are used to control diseases on crops. Most diseases are caused by fungal spores that tend to become a problem, especially during the wet weather season. For the most part, diseases can be prevented by utilizing proper cultural practices such as variety selections, irrigation and humidity management, plant and soil nutrition, pruning, and row spacing. When there is inadequate circulation of air, poor water drainage, exorbitant irrigation, and too much dampness due to rainfall, the fungi can become a problem.

The organic solution to these problems is to use copper and sulfur products. Spores are prevented from growing because the crop has been coated with the appropriate physical barrier. It is important to make the applications prior to rainfall to maximize success.

Plant Diseases:
Plant diseases are infections that are caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Fungi are unable to produce nutrients on their own and in order to survive must derive their food from other organisms. Fungi attack all parts of a plant and under hospitable conditions, fungi can damage plant translocation tissues; killing a plant in a relatively short period of time. Some of the most common fungal diseases include damping off, leaf spot, anthracnose and rust.

Plant diseases caused by bacteria are not as prevalent as those caused by fungi. Damage caused by bacterial infection results primarily in rotting of the plant tissue.

Viruses in plants are transmitted most often by sucking insects such as aphids and whiteflies. Viral diseases typically cause less damage than those vectored by fungi and bacteria. Infected plants typically become partially damaged and weakened, however they seldom die.

Plant diseases can spread easily and rapidly. It is easier to combat and control fungal diseases than to eradicate bacteria and viruses. The best way to prevent diseases is to take a proactive approach by preventing environmental factors that contribute to diseases combined with a healthy regimen that provides optimum health for plants.

In summary, diseases are signs of weak plants and crops. The following products are designed to do the following: prevent and control diseases or control diseases and insect pests at the same time. Use ARBICO’s organic fertilizers, soil amendments and microorgansisms to enliven plants and make them naturally more resistant to diseases and insect pests.

natural plant disease control
A healthy plant naturally resists diseases. In addition:
Only choose healthy seedlings.
Water plants properly using organic fertilizers as directed.
Make sure planting environment is kept clean and well ventilated. Avoid excessive moisture, as it is the most favorable atmosphere for pathogens to breed.
Remove rotting leaves and trash.
Always use premium, Organic pure planting media (Arbico’s Compost Plus.)
Maintain a weeding program to reduce breeding sites of insect pests and diseases.
Remove and burn infected plant parts.
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Rootshield Plus WP
RootShield Plus is a Preventive Bio-Fungicide for Control of Major Root Diseases Such as Phytophthora

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MilStop® Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide
OMRI LISTED andEPA REGISTERED. An Effective Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide That is Excellent for Controlling Powdery Mildew and Other Fungal Diseases.

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BioSafe Disease Control - Ready-to-Spray with Hose End Sprayer attachment
BioSafe Disease Control - 32 oz Concentrate in a Ready-to-Spray bottle that includes a hose end spray attachment. This product was formerly known as Oxidate.

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ARBICO Organics™ Disease Control Kit
These Three Products Protect Your Plants from a Variety of Pathogens and Pests

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