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Arbico Organics<sup>™</sup> Solar Fly Trap

Arbico Organics Solar Fly Trap

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Description Qty Price  
AO™ Solar Fly Trap - 1 Trap & 1 FREE Bait
AO™ Solar Fly Trap - 1 Trap & 4 Baits
AO Solar Fly Trap - 2 Traps & 2 Baits
AO Solar Fly Trap - 3 Traps & 3 Baits
AO Solar Fly Trap - 4 Traps & 4 Baits
AO Solar Fly Trap - 6 Traps & 6 Baits
AO™ Fly Bait for Solar Fly Trap
AO™ Replacement Solar Fly Trap Lid
AO™ Replacement Solar Fly Trap Bowl

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Used by horse owners, breeding and training facilities, dairies, poultry and swine facilities, feedlots, gardeners, pet owners, kennels, and other places where flies are a problem.

This made-to-last, rust-free, heavy duty trap goes anywhere. Use it to reduce existing fly populations, fly blooms and migrant flies while your Fly Eliminators control the developing flies.

The yeast bait is mixed with water and poured into the container at the bottom of the trap. Within seconds flies are lured into the trap. They enter into the confinement chamber and dehydrate from exposure to the sun. When the solar fly trap begins to fill up with flies, just empty, hose out and reset with new bait.

SKU #1256001 comes with one packet of bait, which is enough for approximately 5 weeks.

Dimensions: 12" Dia. x 10.5" tall

Instructions Available for Download: (PDF file) Solar Fly Trap Instructions.

How To Use The Solar Fly Trap

Click here for more information about integrated pest management solutions for fly control.

Environment: Outdoors, Nursery, Greenhouse, Grow Room, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Pond & Environment, Interiorscapes, Container Plants, Houseplants, Household Pets, Horses, Farm Animals, Livestock, Zoo Animals

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