Easy and Effective Termite Control with Beneficial Nematodes.

Apply NemAttack and NemaSeek (Combo Packs) together to get the best control. One "Farm Size" nematode package will treat 40 linear feet of foundation. Apply using a hose end sprayer or watering can into tubes inserted around the building perimeter or into shallow trenches. Use as much water as necessary to carry them down into the soil. Beneficial Nematodes are washed into the termite tubes, tunnels and nests, or they migrate on their own. Once inside the nest, they kill the colony by killing the queen or by killing enough workers and soldiers that the queen starves.

About Termites: There are about 3,000 species of termites. Termites are small, pale, soft-bodied insects that live in a nest or colony system. They feed primarily on wood. They have numerous castes which are relatively undifferentiated and perform much of the colony work. There is a specialized soldier caste with stronger head and jaw features and often with mouthparts that are more suited to defense than to feeding. The reproductive caste is produced when nymphs mature to develop wings and generally have a darker coloring. Termites are very weak fliers, and their wings are shed shortly after nuptial flight. Their heads are rounded, their antennae are beaded, and they generally do not have eyes, except those in the reproductive caste.

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