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Fleas & Ticks

Natural Flea and Tick Control Products
Natural Flea Control Products
Controlling fleas and ticks
Use Our Natural Flea & Tick Control Products to Protect Your Pets!

Even the healthiest homes and yards can have fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can infest your lawn, yard and garden in a variety of ways and make you and your pets miserable. Migration from other yards, carried in by nocturnal mammals or strays passing through can all contribute to an increased population of fleas and ticks.

Beneficial Nematodes – For Outdoor Flea & Tick Control
Beneficial Nematodes are the first and best line of defense against fleas and ticks. Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. These microscopic predators locate flea and tick larvae in the soil and enter the prey infecting them with toxic bacteria killing them in 24 to 48 hours. Beneficial Nematodes More Info.

Suggested Use: Apply as needed depending upon level of infestation. Treat
areas where pets, livestock and nocturnal mammals are found including: lawns,
pet runs, and other areas where fleas and ticks may be breeding. Beneficial
Nematodes can easily be applied when mixed with water using a watering can,
hose-end, backpack, or pump sprayer.

Choose the Beneficial Nematode product that's best for you. Each variety is available in multiple sizes so you can order just the right amount.

For Fleas
Use NemAttack Sc (Steinernema carpocapsae)
For Fleas & Ticks
Use a Combo Pack – NemAttack Sc & NemaSeek Hb
For Extreme Flea & Tick Control
Our New Triple Threat Combo Pack – All Three Nematode Varieties – NemAttack Sc + NemAttack Sf + NemaSeek Hb
This combination will help control multiple stages of development - larvae, pupae and adult stages of fleas and the egg, nymph and adult stages of ticks.

Select the Flea & Tick Control Products below for details and ordering.

Adult Flea & Tick Control
Natural, chemical-free solutions to combat adult stages of fleas and ticks.
Electronic Flea Traps – Use heat and light to attract and trap fleas in your home from up to 25 feet away.
Flea ‘n Tick B Gone – A professional strength enzyme formula that effectively removes fleas & ticks from pets without harmful pesticides.
Knock OUT! Natural Insect Repellent Spray for Dogs – A gentle and effective alternative to pesticide based sprays. Knock OUT uses natural oils to repel fleas, ticks, flies, gnats and more!
Bug Bam Pet Tags – Made of natural essential oils, Bug Bam Pet Tags repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that transmit deadly heart worms.
Also vist our Natural Pet Care section to find shampoos, dips and itch relief products for dogs and cats.
See our Horse & Livestock section for natural fly control sprays and medicinal shampoos.
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NemAttack Beneficial Nematodes - Sc
NemAttack are excellent for the control of mobile pests. Their targets include fleas, caterpillars, cutworms, sod webworms, pill bugs, maggots, worker/soldier ants and worker/soldier termites and more. Best choice for outdoor flea control and safe for garden use.

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NemAttack & NemaSeek Combo Pack, Hb & Sc
Two Varieties of Beneficial Nematodes to Control Mobile & Stationary Pests!

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Beneficial Nematodes - Triple Threat Combo's
Use the Triple Threat to combat a broad variety of soil dwelling pests! Safe for use in gardens.

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BioCare® Electronic Flea Trap
Works year round to capture fleas in your home without poisons.

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Essentria™ G Granular Insecticide - 22 lb
A botanically based, granular insecticide that knocks out difficult to control outdoor pests!

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Diatomaceous Earth
Multi-Purpose Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

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HOMS BiteBlocker<sup>®</sup> & XTREME™ Sportsman Organic Insect Repellent
Protects your entire family from mosquito and black fly bites with botanical ingredients.

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Flea'n Tick B Gone
Safe, non-toxic treatment made from natural plant sources.

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Essentria™ Broadcast Insecticide - 17 fl. oz.
Contact Botanical Insecticide Kills Pest Insects in Mattresses, on Carpets & Fabrics!

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Flea & Tick Control Kit
This kit has what you need to control fleas & ticks

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Natural Animal<sup>®</sup> Rechargeable Herbal Collar - Dog
Keep harmful pests away from your dog naturally.

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Natural Animal<sup>®</sup> Rechargeable Herbal Collar - Cat
Keep harmful pests away from your cat naturally.

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Diatomaceous Earth - 50 lb - OMRI Listed
OMRI Listed. Multi-Purpose Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

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