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Pest Damage on Leaf

Use this guide to learn about pest insects that are damaging plants in your home, garden, greenhouse and farm. Click on a pest category and find out about their biology, description, and suggested methods of control.

The best approach is to use an Integrated Pest Management program, where cultural, physical, chemical and biological tools work together to sustain a healthy environment.

  • Cultural control involves plant selection, site selection, proper planting and keeping your plants healthy.
  • Physical control includes barriers, traps and lures, or physical removal to prevent or reduce pest problems.
  • Biological control brings in proper beneficial insects or organisms to fight the pests.

For optimum pest control results, it is best to use a combination of these. A good fertility program will also help by increasing plants' vitality, making them less susceptible to insect pests, weeds and diseases. Use traps to capture and monitor pests, natural insecticides for knock down of large populations of insects, and beneficial insects and organisms to combat developing stages.

Locate your problem insect from the list below or you can use our search feature at the top of the page. Searching can be done by insect type, for instance "beetle" and then finding information to control the type you have on that page or a link within it.

Ants Aphids Beetles Borers
Caterpillars & Moths Cockroaches & Other Indoor Pests Fleas & Ticks Fly Control
Fungus Gnats Grasshoppers, Mole Crickets & Mormon Crickets Grub & Beetle Control Japanese Beetle Control
Leafhoppers & Planthoppers Mealybugs and Other Soft-Bodied Insects Midges Mites
Mosquito Control Plant Parasitic Nematodes Public Health Pests Scale
Slugs & Snails Stored Product Pests Thrips Termites
True Bugs Weevils Whitefly Yellow Jackets & Wasps
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Mexican Bean Beetle Parasite, <i>Pediobius foveolatus</i>
This parasite is most effective when introduced at the first sign of Mexican Bean Beetles.

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Silverfish Pest Control They commonly feed on books or book bindings, but may also eat paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, flour, dried meat, rolled oats and clothing, especially if it has been starched.
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