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Beneficial Insects - Predators & Parasites

Natural Pest Control for Gardens, Greenhouses & Farms Using Beneficial Insects from ARBICO Organics.
Beneficial insects are used to control pest insects in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. An IPM program has four components: the judicious use of chemicals, the use of traps to monitor and capture pest insects in their adult stage, management and cultural techniques to improve the overall status of the situation, and the use of beneficial insects to kill pest insects in their early developmental stages.

Green Lacewing Beneficial InsectsBeneficial insects do not harm people, plants, or pets. For maximum effectiveness, they should be released when pest densities are low to medium. Keep in mind that beneficials are not pesticides and they are not a miracle cure. Just as it takes a long time for pest problems to evolve, it also takes time before beneficials can resolve them. A little patience pays off!

All beneficial insects are sent with release instructions and recommendations to maximize their effectiveness. An ARBICO consultant can help you select and utilize your beneficials via phone, FAX, or letter, or on site when appropriate.

Beneficial Insect Dosage Key
1 Acre = 43,560 square feet.
1 Square Yard = 9 square feet

Beneficial Insects Offered: Listed below are the beneficial insects we have available. Click on any item for more information and ordering.

Beneficial insect attacking an aphid
This beneficial insect is the aphid parasite Aphidius ervi, attacking an aphid.

Attracting & Feeding Beneficial Insects:
All beneficial insects need food, water, and a compatible habitat. To help fulfill these needs, we highly recommend our Good Bug Power Meal and Good Bug Blend Seed Mix.

Aphid Parasite, Aphidius colemani

Aphid Predator, Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Aphid Parasite, Aphelinus abdominalis

Aphid Parasite, Aphidius ervi

Beneficial Nematodes

Cool Weather Leafminer Parasitoid, Dacnusa siberica

Decollate Snail, Rumina decollata

Fly Parasites - Fly Eliminators

Green Lacewing, Chrysoperla sp

Ladybug Beetle, Hippodamia convergens

Mealybug Destroyer, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Mexican Bean Beetle Parasite, Pediobius foveolatus

Minute Pirate Bug, Orius insidiosus

Mite Predator, Neoseiulus californicus

Mite Predator, Neoseiulus fallacis

Mite Predator, Mesoseiulus longipes

Mite Predator, Galendromus occidentalis

Mite Predator, Phytoseiulus persimilis

Moth Egg Parasites, Trichogramma

Purple Scale Predator Lindorus lophanthae

Red Scale Parasite, Aphytis melinus

Spider Mite Predator, Feltiella acarisuga

Spidermite Destroyer, Stethorus punctillum

Sweet Potato Whitefly Predator, Delphastus catalinae

Thrips Mites, Hypoaspis sp. Geolaelaps sp.

Thrips Mite Cucumeris / Amblyseius Neoseiulus

Warm Weather Leafminer Parasitoid, Diglyphus isaea

Whitefly Parasite, Encarsia formosa

Whitefly Parasite, Eretmocerous eremicus

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Ladybird Beetle
LADYBUG SUPPLIES ARE BEING IMPACTED BY ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS -- OUR SUPPLIES ARE PERIODICALLY LIMITED. Please call us at 1-800-827-2847 for current availability and to discuss biocontrol alternatives to the ladybug.

Ladybugs are voracious predators of many soft-bodied pest insects - try some in your garden today!

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Green Lacewing Eggs
Green Lacewing Larvae Consume Large Quantities of Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Whitefly & More!

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Green Lacewing Adults
The adults are delivered ready to lay eggs and will do so immediately throughout your release zone.

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Green Lacewing Larvae in Frames - 400
Larval frames provide an easy means to evenly distribute voracious green lacewing larvae.

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Green Lacewing Larvae in Bottle - 1000
Pre-Hatched Green Lacewing Larvae Arrive Ready To Eat Your Pests.

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Minute Pirate Bug, <i>Orius insidiosus</i>
All Stages of This Predator Consume Pests in their Developing Stages.

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Moth Egg Parasites
Use this moth egg parasite if you are west of the Rocky Mountains.

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Moth Egg Parasites
Use this moth egg parasite if you are east of the Rocky Mountains.

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<i>Diglyphus isaea</i>, Warm-Weather Leafminer Parasite
Release warm weather leafminer parasites to prevent Agromyzid leafminers during warm weather and in greenhouses.

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<i>Dacnusa siberica</i>, Cool-Weather Leafminer Parasitoid - 500 adults
Use this cool weather parasitoid to prevent leafminer damage on tomato crops.

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Mexican Bean Beetle Parasite, <i>Pediobius foveolatus</i>
This parasite is most effective when introduced at the first sign of Mexican Bean Beetles.

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Universal Release Box
The Universal Release Box is great for easy release and for keeping your beneficials safe from predators.

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Rove Beetle,<i>Dalotia coriaria (=Atheta coriaria)</i>
Predatory beetle that is used for the control of fungus gnats, thrips and other soil-dwelling pests.

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Mite Predator, <i>Amblyseius andersoni</>
Excellent choice for pre-emergent control of mite infestations!

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Beneficial Mite, <i>Amblyseius swirskii</i>
Excellent beneficial mite for warmer growing conditions!

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Whitefly Predator
Indoor Control of Greenhouse and Tobacco Whitefly

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Beneficial Nematodes
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