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Guest: Jane Shellenberger

Jane Shellenberger grew up near Philadelphia, PA and has a BA degree in History of Art. She learned about plants from her botanist/ecologist mother, and has been a gardener and plant lover all her life. After moving west to Colorado several decades ago she worked as a writer/editor for several publications and founded the regional newsmagazine, Colorado Gardener, In 1997. This is her 18th year as its publisher/editor. She is also the author of Organic Gardeners' Companion: Growing Vegetables in the West (Fulcrum Publishing 2012).

She lives on a 5-acre farmette in Hygiene, Colorado near Boulder. Motivated by a love of Colorado's blue skies, semi-arid western landscapes and wildlife, she has also worked on several successful air and water quality campaigns.

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Sheri Frey - Host of Easy Organic Gardener Radio ShowAbout the Host:

Since 1979 Sheri has been co-owner and vice president of ARBICO Organics. ARBICO Organics produces and markets organic and natural products for home, business, garden, lawn, farm and pets. Products include beneficial insects and organisms, fertilizers and soil amendments, weed and disease controls, composting supplies, insecticides, critter controls, horse care, traps, lures, pheromones, botanicals and more.

ARBICO Organics specializes in Low Input Sustainable Agricultural Techniques emphasizing organic farming inputs, bio-intensive pest controls, pro-environmental fertilizers and plant foods, composting, weed and disease control, as well as preventive management. When the proper nutrients and minerals are made available to the soil, it will provide the food that gives life to the plant and ultimately to us.

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