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Guest: Chad Borseth of Native Seeds Search

Chad Borseth (32) Was born in Tucson and raised in southern Arizona. Growing up, he spent much of his childhood in the outdoors, walking the dry Canyons and Arroyos of Pima county as well as wandering the more Riparian areas of Santa Cruz and Cochise counties. Chad was always fascinated by the natural world, watching things grow and form relationships with other living things in their environment.

Chad has over 20 years of experience gardening in the Tucson area, as well as several years experience in wild harvesting and preparing desert foods. His passion for food, culture, and arid land agriculture has led him to a career with Native Seeds SEARCH. While Managing the retail store for NS/S Chad regularly answers a myriad of gardening and plant related questions from both novice and experienced gardeners in the southwest. Chad holds a monthly Q&A called Garden Gab at the Native Seeds retail store on the last Thursday of every month between 2pm and 4pm, there is usually a monthly topic, but all inquiries are welcome. He is also an administrator of a very successful gardening group on Facebook called Tucson Backyard Gardening. In just a few years Tucson backyard gardening has grown from less than 100 members to over 13,000 members. Tucson backyard gardening offers a deep base of gardeners who openly share their experiences openly, they also have several seed exchanges every year in the Tucson area.

Chad is very passionate about getting people engaged in growing food, and saving their own seeds. He says "This is something we humans have been doing since the beginning of time, it is only recent that we have disconnected from this way of life. And because these practices are ingrained in our DNA it is only natural that we get such satisfaction in re connecting to these ancient practices."

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Sheri Frey - Host of Easy Organic Gardener Radio ShowAbout the Host:

Since 1979 Sheri has been co-owner and vice president of ARBICO Organics. ARBICO Organics produces and markets organic and natural products for home, business, garden, lawn, farm and pets. Products include beneficial insects and organisms, fertilizers and soil amendments, weed and disease controls, composting supplies, insecticides, critter controls, horse care, traps, lures, pheromones, botanicals and more.

ARBICO Organics specializes in Low Input Sustainable Agricultural Techniques emphasizing organic farming inputs, bio-intensive pest controls, pro-environmental fertilizers and plant foods, composting, weed and disease control, as well as preventive management. When the proper nutrients and minerals are made available to the soil, it will provide the food that gives life to the plant and ultimately to us.

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