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Debug® 3.0 Agro-Neemcake - 40 lbs

Debug® 3.0 Agro-Neemcake - 40 lbs

OMRI LISTED. Use on lawns, crops, golf courses, greenhouses, gardens - anywhere your soil needs improvement!
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Debug® 3.0 Agro-Neemcake - 40 lbs

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Agro Neemcake OMRIAgro-Neemcake is the ultimate multi-tasker for soil improvement. 

Neemcake is an OMRI Listed soil supplement that is composed of the neem kernels left over from the extraction of neem oil and azidirachtin — the solids or "neemcake" that remains has multiple functions in the garden and is a soil supplement that loosens, aerates, nourishes the soil.  It has been shown to be effective for plant parasitic nematode control.  Agro-Neemcake is a slow release product and provides long-term results.  Apply as needed to maintain healthy soil!
Agro-Neemcake is a fertilizer with an NPK of 5-1-1 and can be used on crops, lawns, golf courses, in greenhouses or gardens. 

Suggested Uses: Usually neemcake is mixed into the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches before planting, but it can be applied to existing plants as a side dressing. 

Pests and IPM:
This product works as a cultural control for the following: Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne sp)

Environment: Outdoors, Crops, Orchards & Vineyards, Nursery, Greenhouse, Grow Room, Interiorscapes, Container Plants, Houseplants

Application Rate: General rates:
  • 600 pounds per acre
  • 50 pounds per 1000 sq. feet
  • 5 pounds per 100 sq. feet

Greenhouses: 1 lb per square yard
Turf or golf clubs: 1200 lb per acre, prior to irrigation
Fruit trees: 2 lb per tree