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If you have never tried our Fly Eliminators™, this is your opportunity to see them for yourself. We do not expect you to get control from a single shipment; however we do expect you to be able to see the quality and care that comes in every package. You will get to see firsthand how easy it is to reduce your fly population the natural way with our tiny, beneficial Fly Eliminators™.

Look for our "Order a FREE TRIAL shipment" promo codes found in magazines that carry our ads (Equus, Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated and others). Your order will arrive via USPS when it is warm enough for our Fly Eliminators™ to survive and when we have an adequate supply of Fly Eliminators™ to send to you. Instructions for use are provided with your shipment.*

*Restrictions: "Order a FREE TRIAL shipment" promo is restricted to first time customers only. High demand may result in a delay in shipping. Size of your shipment is limited to a maximum of 1/2 unit of Fly Eliminators™ per household. This offer may be ended at any time.

Fly Control Program Cost Chart

These are units of measurement, not warranties or guarantees of performance. The total seasonal cost of Fly Eliminators™ depends on the recommended number of shipments which may be different than what competitors may recommend. We recommend releasing a shipment every 2-4 weeks throughout the fly season, but releases ranging from 1-6 weeks are not uncommon. Customer experiences may vary. The quantity required and frequency of application can differ according to region, size, condition of property or stables, severity of fly problem, neighbors, manure management, number of animals and start date of program. All warranties, expressed or implied are disclaimed.

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Fly Eliminators for Biological Fly Control.

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