Encourage good fruit set and enhance your beneficial insect populations with our bumble bee hives, pollinators and pollinator shelters, habitat products and lures.

Pollination is one of the most important parts of successful fruit production. Unfortunately, the declining presence of pollinators in our urban environments sometimes makes it difficult to get the production you might expect from your garden and fruit trees. Many organisms function as pollinators, from bumblebees, native bees to the beneficial's already present in your area. You can also encourage pollinators by providing beneficial insect habitat, shelters and supplemental food sources.

Attract beneficial insects! Draw lady bugs, lacewings, butterflies, soldier bugs and other helpful insects to gardens to devour pests such as aphids, plant lice, and scale insects on infested plants, rose bushes or shrubs. You may choose from the products below to provide food, plants for food and shelter, or to attract ladybugs with a pheromone lure.

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