Stiky™ Fly Traps for Windows

An Attractive Alternative To Unsightly Fly Traps!
  • Window Fly Traps - 1 pk of 5 Traps
    SKU: 1254310
  • $3.95
  • Window Fly Traps - 5 pks of 5 traps
    SKU: 1254311
  • $14.75
  • Window Fly Traps - 10 pks of 5 traps
    SKU: 1254312
  • $20.50
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Are you tired of having to look past skittering flies and their dead partners every time you open your curtains? This simple glue trap offers an effective method for reducing the number of flies partying around your window and gives you something pleasant to look at instead. Flies are drawn to the window and, in their frantic beating against it, will soon come in contact with the trap. They will then quickly succumb. Other flies are then attracted not only to the window but to the dead and dying flies. Even those that are lucky enough to land lightly on the trap and not get stuck will be unable to stop themselves from returning. The trap will get them eventually. This trap differs from other fly traps in that the design hides the dead flies from view. Not only that, the pretty floral print on the trap makes it pleasant to look at.

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